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How Homosexuals are destroying Evangelicals.

June 7, 2013

Evangelicals declared war against gay people in the 1970’s.  After it was no longer fashionable for conservative Christians to say that they loved black folks but supported “Biblical” segregation the Pharisees needed a new group to attack and bully.  Homosexuals fit that bill precisely.  With the Stonewall Riots of 1969 and the APA removing homosexuality from the DSM as a mental disorder in 1971, those that hate in the name of Christ found a new group to target.  Anita Bryant led the charge.

They fought against the repeal of sodomy laws, against gays being allowed to work as teachers or be around children, against gay studies in universities, on and on.  The exgay movement was around through all of this, but never really acknowledged by the Religious Right.  Only when gays began to gain a few small gains in gay rights in the late 1990’s did the Religious Right begin to use us as a political tool.  The cynical use of the exgay movement to maintain gay oppression backfired big time.  The exposing of the exgay movement as a group of self hating straight male worshippers became a farce. 

The truth is that Evangelicals opposition to homosexuality was never based on Christian values, it was based on the darkest depths of the human ego, the desire to oppress and exclude the “other.”  People respond to hate for a time, like the passing of the referendum in Colorado in 1992 that limited gay rights, or the Karl Rove orchestrated flurry of anti-gay marriage referendums in 2004.  But normal people may be motivated by hate for a season, but then they feel dirty and ashamed of being associated with this kind of bigotry.

Evangelicals have all but lost the war against gays, but they will find someone new to hate in the name of Christ.  Now I am a celibate gay Christian still, but I have found the fear and hatred Evangelicals have for me to be astounding and psychologically and spiritually crippling.  If good Christians had responded to the gay rights movement with Christian love in the early 1970’s instead of with hatred and revulsion maybe the “Culture War” would have turned out differently.  We will never know.  Welcome Tashlan.

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