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Albuquerque, NM

Bio: I am a celibate gay Christian.....and a gay rights activist. If America is going to be an experiment in multi-cultural diversity and fiercely protective of individual liberty then it must grant full equality to gays and lesbians. Supporting equality does not mean endorsement it means supporting individual liberty and freedom. I am also a veteran dealing with the effects of Military Sexual Trauma, an airline employee, union member, and about to graduate with my Masters in Social Work.

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  1. Could you please contact me at I am working on a theater project regarding MST. If interested, you can contribute anonymously. Thank you!

  2. Mike, I wanted to jot a quick note to you as to why I denied your twitter request. I am also an MSW prepping for licensure. We share the same educational background – how can you call yourself a Social Worker and a White Supremast? That is just so counter everything our profession stands for (ALL humans)! Can you be ex-gay? I am truly interested. I thought that would be the same as ex-Caucasian. It is who you are, be proud of it. Good luck in your professional endeavors, please practice harm reduction – in your case, it might mean not working with the public until you can harness your rage.

    • I am not a white supremacist, read the post. I got involved in studying white supremacy because I needed to understand why people hated me. My exgay journey is also explained in my posts.

    • I think I scared off a lot of people with my posts on white supremacy by the way.

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